Project LARA

What could you do if you were given an empty canvas to design a building of the future?

What questions would you ask to challenge entrenched ideas of construction and the status quo of living space?

What materials and technology would you use to facilitate radical design and advanced efficiency?

How do you give a building a heart and a soul?

Project LARA is our code name for a structure that we are building that asks these questions and many more.

One of our core driving principles is to

“Measurably improve your wellbeing through the clever use of materials, technology and architectural design, whilst maximising the potential of the space”

The heart of LARA is provided through her tailored immersive experiences.

LARA’s soul resides within the AI that, adaptively learns and understands not only the environment around her, but also understands you; providing advanced functionality, guidance and companionship.

Project LARA – A conscious building with a digital soul